Anchoring Epoxy

Anchor threaded rod, bolts and rebar dowels into concrete with AquaBond AE-2200-250 non-sag Anchoring Epoxy

  • Super strong, structural-quality anchoring epoxy
  • Withstands freeze-thaw
  • Low VOC
  • Moisture insensitive allowing installation and curing in damp environments
  • Standard working time: 20 minutes at 75°F
  • U-tah cartridge (2-part adhesive in a single, caulk-style tube)
  • Best when dispensed with with our high-thrust 26:1 ratio DM-250 caulking gun
  • Can be used with any heavy-duty caulk gun


DMK-2200-250 Anchoring Starter Kit 250ml

This kit includes:
One DM-250 dispensing gun
One 250ml cartridge of AE-2200-250
One static mixer

aquabond dmk-2200-25- anchoring epoxy starter kit

AE-2200-250 Anchoring and Doweling Epoxy
250 ml Cartridge with Static Mixer

Super strong, structural-quality anchoring epoxy in a 250 ml U-Tah cartridge that can be dispensed from our DM-250 manual dispensing gun or any heavy duty, standard sized caulking gun.

Includes one AE-2200-250 cartridge and
one static mixer

AquaBond AE-2200=250 anchoring and doweling epoxy 250 ml

aquabond anchoring and doweling epoxy


DM-250 Dispenser Gun

Our powerful DM-250 manual dispensing gun has a high-thrust 26:1 ratio drive. Use with our new 250 ml, U-Tah adhesive cartridges. Also dispenses standard-sized caulk-style cartridges.

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SM-0250 Static Mixers
For our 250ml U-Tah cartridges