Manual & Pneumatic Adhesive Dispensing Guns

AquaBond® is the premier supplier of sealant and adhesive dispenser guns for swimming pool, spa and water feature maintenance, installation and repair — for wet niche potting and encapsulating, for sealing underwater leaks, for repairing cracks, and for doing general repairs around the pool area.

Key Features: 

  • Adhesive dispensers compatible with all AquaBond® cartridge systems
  • The most efficient and economical method of dispensing sealants and adhesives
  • Provide excellent control and seamless application for even the most challenging projects
  • Easy to load, easy to use
  • No waste-no mess cartridge system


50ml Hand-Held Dispenser Gun  

The AquaBond DM-50 is a small, lightweight, manual applicator gun used to dispense AquaBond 50ml cartridges through our SM-5416 static mixer tips

250ml Manual Dispenser Gun

Our powerful DM-250 manual dispensing gun has a high-thrust 26:1 ratio drive. Use with our new 250 ml, U-Tah adhesive cartridges. Also dispenses standard-sized caulk-style cartridges.

400ml Hand-Held Dispenser Gun 

The AquaBond DM-400 is used to dispense AquaBond 400ml cartridges through our SM-0824 static mixer tips

400ml Cordless Dispenser Gun

DA-400 cordless dispensing gun. (1:1 & 2:1) 18 volt, battery operated.
(adhesive cartridge and static mixer not included)



400ml Pneumatic Dispenser Gun

The DP-400 dispensing gun is pneumatically operated via compressed air. It dispenses AquaBond 400ml cartridges through our SM-0824 static mixer tips