Underwater Pool Leak Repair Products

Underwater Pool Leak Repair Questions:    

  • Are the leaks due to cracks in the plaster?
  • Are there holes in the vinyl liner?
  • Are there issues with the pool deck sinking or lifting?
  • Can you determine the exact location of the underwater leaks?
  • Do you know the general area of the leaks but can’t determine the precise spots without undergoing an extensive pool leak detection process?
  • How much does your customer want to invest in the pool leak detection process?
  • Does your customer want to avoid having the pool drained?

Repairing swimming pool leaks underwater, without draining the pool, is a lot easier, less time consuming, less risky and less expensive than the alternative. But what good are cost and time savings if the result is only temporary or the application process is messy or difficult?

At AquaBond we make three products specially formulated for underwater swimming pool leak and crack repair. All three are high performance, economical and easy to apply. And compared to other products on the market, ours outperform, outlast, and overdeliver on quality and durability.

Underwater Swimming Pool Leak Repair Products:

Underwater swimming pool crack and leak repair is easy with these AquaBond pool leak sealant and adhesive products.  They all mix, apply and cure underwater — without draining the pool: 

AquaFlex Underwater Sealant can deliver a strong, flexible seal down to 1/5000 thickness. It’s especially good to use on vinyl liners when you only know the general area in which underwater pool leaks are occurring. It can be applied to wide surface areas, whether on pool floors or side walls. Available in clear or white, it won’t break down in sunlight or chlorine and you don’t need to worry about color matching if you’re using it to seal a crack. To put it simply, AquaFlex can be used to seal around any fixture and over just about any material.

Underwater Repair Compound is ideal for repairing and sealing cracks underwater as it provides a long-lasting solution that can withstand rigorous conditions. An extremely durable epoxy adhesive, it can be used to repair anything from pool coping and skimmers to hoses and main drains. You can also use it to seal any area where leaks may be occurring now or are likely to occur in the future. Available in off-white or gray colors.

Butyl Rubber Tape When leaks occur around valves, inlets, and the light niche conduit, this product provides a tight seal so that water doesn’t leak out. It works just as easily in dry conditions as it does in wet, remains flexible even at temperatures below 0°F, and is removable if necessary.