Professional Grade

Adhesives & Sealants for Pools & Spas

Pool & Spa Repair Products

AquaBond sealants and adhesives are formulated for excellent performance whether you’re encapsulating the #8 green wire in a swimming pool light niche, repairing coping, fixing fiberglass or vinyl pool liners, repairing leaky pool step gaskets, sealing leaks around light rings, skimmers, main drains and return lines, attaching pool tile, or repairing hoses, pumps or stainless steel filters.

Aquabond crack repair staples permanently stabilizes and repairs structural cracks in concrete swimming pools, walls and pool decks.

Industrial Adhesives

Aquabond offers specialized industrial adhesives for construction, sign and display assembly operations, structural bonding applications in transportation, construction, boat building, and more.

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Custom Adhesives

Our team of highly experienced chemists will create custom adhesives to meet your specific needs.

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The aquabond system

Mix and apply only what you need, only when you need it!


  • No more messy hand mixing and transferring
  • No more improper ratios or mixing errors
  • Provides precise adhesive placement
  • Saves money – virtually eliminates waste
  • Eliminates employee contact with resins
  • Slashes cleanup time
  • No hazardous waste – used mixers and cartridges go into regular trash
AquaBond System - 50ml

what our customers say

“I want to thank you for your help, advice and time on the phone with me. Your suggestion was perfect and the product worked!!! Thank you also for getting it to me so fast. You have made my day.”

Laura McIntyre

McIntyre Properties LLC

“These Aquastitches were exactly as described and really easy to install. It was a great fix for the 8-foot crack.  I definitely recommend!”

Dave J.

Ocala, FL

“I have repaired a lot of pool cracks in my day and I think the Aquastitch is the best method I’ve come across. A solid, long-term repair, in my opinion.”

Buddy B.

Indio, CA
I just wanted to thank you so  much for your help a few weeks ago. I bought the product you suggested and it worked like a charm. I cannot thank you enough for your patience and expertise!! You did an awesome job and all of my problems are solved!

Thank you again!


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