When addressing the vulnerability of electrical components in water environments, a crucial solution lies in the use of a reliable re-enterable electrical potting compound. Specifically designed for water resistance, this compound ensures the longevity and performance of cable splices, connectors, and junction boxes in fountains and pools, guarding against moisture, chemical exposure, temperature extremes, UV radiation, and mechanical stresses. Inadequate protection, poor installation, lack of maintenance, and natural aging all contribute to wear and tear. To ensure the best installation and repair of electrical components in water environments, you should use a quality re-enterable electrical potting compound that is safe, easy to apply and will stand the test of time.

What Is a Re-enterable Electrical Potting Compound?

A re-enterable electrical potting compound is a type of material used to encapsulate or pot electrical components while allowing for easy access or reentry when needed. A potting compound is a liquid or gel-like material applied to surround and protect electronic or electrical components. The purpose is to provide insulation, protect against environmental factors, and enhance the mechanical stability of the components.

The term “re-enterable” implies that the insulation can be opened, removed, or penetrated without causing damage to the insulation itself, making it possible to access the enclosed components for troubleshooting, upgrades, replacements, repairs, or modifications. The re-enterability feature helps reduce downtime and labor costs associated with maintenance and repairs in electrical systems.

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Re-enterable potting compounds are formulated using a variety of materials to achieve the desired properties of insulation, protection, and re-enterability. The exact composition can vary depending on the specific requirements of the application. Typically, the primary binding agents are polymer resins which contribute to the material’s adhesive and cohesive properties. There may be fillers like silica or alumina that enhance thermal conductivity, hardness and flexibility, plasticizers to improve flexibility and workability, ensuring pliability without cracking, curing agents, thickeners to control viscosity for easy application, softeners that enhance flexibility and resistance to temperature extremes, modifiers like UV stabilizers to bolster resistance to environmental factors and re-enterability agents that allow the compound to be reopened without damage.

Qualities of a Re-enterable Potting Compound for Use in Pools & Fountains

AquaBond® RC-7000-350 is a re-enterable electrical potting compound resin specially formulated for fountains, water features and other pool and spa applications. It is a polybutadiene system, functionalized with a maleic anhydride that is mixed in its own two-component burst seal bag to easily and reliably insulate and seal electrical connections from water.

Soft Resin Encapsulant:

The soft resin provides flexibility to the potting compound, allowing it to accommodate movement and stresses without becoming brittle. This is crucial for applications in environments like swimming pools, where temperature fluctuations and mechanical stresses may occur.

Easy Handling:

The RC-7000-350 potting compound is easy to apply. It has a user-friendly consistency that allows for a smooth and efficient application process, especially in challenging or confined spaces.

Moisture Resistance:

AquaBond RC-7000-350 is specifically designed to prevent water ingress, protecting the enclosed electrical components from potential damage, and avoiding electrical malfunctions, corrosion, and potential safety hazards.

Low Viscosity:

With its low, flowable viscosity, AquaBond’s electrical potting compound works well for filling closures and voids, ensuring that the compound reaches and covers all areas of the electrical components.

Flows Well at Low Temperatures:

AquaBond RC-7000-350 remains workable and can effectively fill gaps and voids even in colder conditions, making it perfect for outdoor fountains, pools and other water settings where temperatures can vary.

Bonds to Most Cable Jackets and Connectors:

The RC-7000-350 electrical potting compound is designed to adhere well to a variety of cable jackets and connectors commonly used in electrical installations. This ensures a secure bond between the compound and the cable jackets, providing additional protection against environmental factors. The inherent flexibility allows the material to move and flex, reducing strain on the bond line to the cable jacket.

Bonds to Itself:

As the electrical potting compound cures, it forms a bond with itself, creating a seamless and uniform protective layer and reducing the likelihood of gaps or weak points in the encapsulation.

Chemical and UV-resistant:

AquaBond’s RC-700-350 electrical potting compound is resistant to chemicals commonly found in swimming pools, such as chlorine and other water treatment chemicals. This resistance ensures the longevity of the potting material and prevents degradation due to chemical exposure. UV resistance helps maintain the integrity of the compound and prevents it from breaking down or becoming brittle over time.

Thermal Stability:

Considering the potential for both hot and cold conditions in outdoor environments, AquaBond’s electrical potting compound is designed to be stable across a range of temperatures, maintaining its protective properties under varying temperature extremes.


Aquabond RC-7000-350 electrical potting compound’s flexibility helps prevent cracking or damage due to temperature fluctuations, settling, or vibrations even at temperatures below freezing.

Non-Toxic and Non-Corrosive:

AquaBond’s electrical potting compound is non-toxic and non-corrosive, designed to prevent harm to the environment and ensure the safety of individuals interacting with the water in swimming pools and fountains.

Long-Term Reliability:

RC-7000-350 re-enterable electrical potting compound can maintain its protective properties over an extended period without degrading or compromising the performance of the electrical components.

* RC-7000-350 is recommended for insulating cable splices operating at 1000 volts or less and rated for continuous use at 194° F (90°C) with an overload rating of 266°F (130°C).

AquaBond RC-7000-350 can be used as a substitute for 3M Scotchcast™ Re-enterable Electrical Insulating Resin 2123. AquaBond RC-7000-350 is more crosslinked, giving it a cleaner breakaway and better moisture resistance than 3M’s Re-enterable Electrical Insulating Resin 2123.

For more information, please consult the technical data sheet to ensure compatibility with the intended use and adherence to safety and regulatory standards. Questions? Call our technical staff at 714-961-1420 Ext 1.

Applications for Re-enterable Electrical Potting Compound

Example: Applying re-enterable potting compound to flush-mounted junction boxes

Materials and Tools:

  • Re-enterable electrical potting compound AquaBond RC-7000-350.
  • Junction box appropriate for the environment.
  • Electrical components to be housed in the junction box.
  • Sealant or adhesive suitable for outdoor and wet conditions.
  • Small mixing container and stirring tool (if applicable).
  • Disposable gloves.
  • Application tools (brush, spatula, or similar).
  • Plastic sheeting or drop cloth (to protect the surrounding area).


  1. Prepare the Junction Box:

Ensure that the junction box is clean and free from any debris. Check that it is appropriately sized for the electrical components it will house.

  1. Prepare the Components:

Organize and arrange the electrical components inside the junction box, leaving sufficient space for the potting compound.

  1. Mix or Prepare the Potting Compound:

Squeeze the material up against the center burst seal until both sides mix together. Continue mixing until the material is consistent without striations.

  1. Apply the Potting Compound:

Use a brush, spatula, or other suitable application tool to apply the potting compound. Ensure that the compound thoroughly covers and encapsulates the electrical components.

Pay attention to corners and edges to prevent air pockets or voids. Apply the compound evenly to achieve consistent coverage.

  1. Allow for Cure Time:

Allow 24 hours for the material to cure to full properties.

  1. Apply Sealant (Optional):

If additional sealing is required, apply a suitable sealant or adhesive around the edges of the junction box to enhance protection against moisture.

  1. Clean Up:

Clean any tools, brushes, or surfaces that came into contact with the potting compound. Some compounds can be challenging to remove once cured.

  1. Verify Accessibility:

Ensure that the potting compound allows for easy access to the electrical components when needed. Re-enterable compounds will not harden to the point where access becomes difficult.

  1. Secure the Junction Box:

Once the potting compound is cured, secure the junction box in its flush-mounted position using the appropriate fasteners.

  1. Inspect the Installation:

Conduct a visual inspection to verify that the potting compound is properly applied, covers all components, and there are no signs of defects or air pockets.

Always adhere to safety guidelines and local electrical codes when working with electrical installations.

Example: Connecting underwater luminaries for fountains using a re-enterable potting compound

underwater lighting in swimming pool

Materials and Tools:

  • Underwater luminaries for fountains.
  • Re-enterable potting compound AquaBond RC-7000-350.
  • Waterproof electrical connectors.
  • Heat shrink tubing (optional).
  • Cable ties.
  • Heat gun.
  • Sealant or adhesive suitable for underwater use.
  • Electrical tape.
  • Plastic sheeting or drop cloth (to protect the surrounding area).


  1. Prepare the Luminaries:

Ensure that the underwater luminaries are suitable for the fountain environment and are designed to be submerged. Inspect the luminaries for any damage or defects before installation.

  1. Prepare the Electrical Connections:

Use waterproof electrical connectors to join the cables of the underwater luminaries. Make sure the connectors are suitable for underwater use.

  1. Seal the Electrical Connections:

Apply AquaBond RC-7000-350  re-enterable potting compound around the waterproof connectors and the connected cables. Use a suitable application tool to ensure thorough coverage. Make sure the potting compound completely covers the connections to create a watertight seal.

  1. (Optional) Use Heat Shrink Tubing:

If additional insulation is needed, you can slide heat shrink tubing over the potted connections and use a heat gun to shrink it in place.

  1. Secure the Connections:

Use cable ties to secure the cables and connections in place, ensuring they are well-organized and protected.

  1. (Optional) Apply Sealant:

If extra sealing is required, use additional Aquabond RC-7000 around the potted connections. This can provide an additional layer of protection against water ingress.

  1. Clean Up:

Clean any tools, surfaces, or equipment that came into contact with the potting compound.

  1. Inspect the Installation:

Conduct a visual inspection to ensure that the potting compound and any additional sealing are applied correctly. Check for any signs of defects or areas that may need further attention.

  1. Allow for Cure Time:

Allow 24 hours for the material to cure to full properties.

  1. Re-enterability Check:

Confirm that the potting compound used is re-enterable, allowing for future access to the electrical connections if needed.

Always adhere to safety guidelines and follow local electrical codes when working with underwater electrical installations. If you are unsure about any aspect of the process of applying re-enterable electrical potting compound, consult with a qualified electrician or professional experienced in underwater electrical installations for fountains.


Upgrade your pool and fountain electrical protection with AquaBond’s RC-7000-350, a reliable re-enterable electrical potting compound. Ensure longevity and safety—order your re-enterable electrical insulation kit today!