Polyethylene Film

PEF-10 Polyethylene Film (PE) is our new, recommended Patent Pending application process for AquaBond® underwater repair products. Applying the adhesive or sealant to the polyethylene film above water, then taking that strip of film underwater, allows you to precisely land the material exactly where you need it – and spread it smoothly on and around contours.  Once the adhesive has cured, the film peels off leaving a super smooth, finished repair!

The PEF-10 package contains one sheet, 10 feet (120″) x 17″  This sheet comes to you as a “tube.” Slice it along the seam and unfold to 120 inches x 17 inches. Cut into pieces as needed to make repairs.

A one-foot x 17-inch piece of PE film comes free with both 50ml AquaFlex Starter Kit and 50ml Underwater Repair Adhesive Starter Kit.

PEF-10 Polyethylene Film 10-foot length

Using Polyethylene Film to Apply AquaFlex Sealants

Using Polyethylene film to apply AquaFlex sealants

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