Anchoring and Concrete Repair Epoxies

SELF-LEVELING… CR-2000 (50ml) 

NON-SAG… CR-2100 (50ml)
and NEW Double-Duty AE-2200-250 (280ml fits standard caulking gun)
Use for Professional Anchoring AND routine concrete/masonry repair

AquaBond® professional-grade, anchoring and concrete repair epoxies for swimming pools, pool decks, spas, fountains and water features. Use for concrete repair and hundreds of other uses. Our "no-waste, no-mess" resealable cartridge system makes any job fast, clean and easy!
Key Features:

  • Long-lasting, durable and high strength
  • Specially engineered formulation for anchoring things to concrete
  • Superior quality components
  • Bonds a wide range of materials including concrete, ceramic, phenolics, wood, metal, glass and plastic
  • Hardens in 30 minutes - Gray color - Paintable and sandable - Low odor
  • 100% reactive, 2-part epoxy - No solvents to evaporate
  • Excellent chemical resistance and environmental tolerance


  • Anchor bolts, screws, rebar, dowels and pins into concrete and masonry
  • Repair spalled and cracked concrete floors, swimming pool decks, cantilever decks and pavers
  • Repair pool decks, walkways and driveways in high traffic areas
  • Repair pool and spa coping
  • Bond bricks, stone and hardscape
  • Create custom-threaded mountings in concrete
  • Rapidly repair pool deck cracks prior to being coated

DMK-2000 Self-Leveling Epoxy
Starter Kit

This Kit Includes:

One DM-50 dispensing gun
One 50ml cartridge CR-2000 self-leveling epoxy
Five SM-5416 static mixers

CR-2000 50ml Self-Leveling Epoxy
Resealable Cartridge

DMK-2100 Non-Sag Epoxy Starter Kit

This Kit Includes:

One DM-50 dispensing gun
One 50ml cartridge of CR-2100 non-sag epoxy
Five SM-5416 static mixers

CR-2100 50ml Non-Sag Epoxy
Resealable Cartridge

(Requires DM-50 gun and SM-5416 static mixer available below)

Anchoring and Concrete Repair Epoxy
AE-2200-250 Non-Sag

Fits Standard Caulking Gun

One 280ml cartridge of AE-2200-250 Anchoring and Concrete Repair Epoxy
One Static Mixer

*This is also a direct replacement for our former CRN Concrete Repair Compound.
Works great and serves double-duty!

DMK-2200-250 Kit

One Cartridge of AE-2200-250 Non-Sag Anchoring and Concrete Repair Epoxy
One SM-0250 Static Mixer
One DM-250 High Thrust 26:1 Heavy Duty Dispenser Gun
(dispenses regular caulk tubes, too)

Self-leveling or Non-sag

Self-leveling for Horizontal Surfaces
CR-2000 Self-Leveling (50ml)

Dispenses as a thin liquid and easily self-levels, providing a flat, clean crack repair on horizontal surfaces such as pool decks and walkways.

Non-sag for Vertical Surfaces
CR-2100 (50ml) and
CRN-2100-250 (250ml)

Our versatile, high-viscosity, non-sagging formula stays where you put it, making it ideal for everything from filling vertical cracks to attaching objects to walls.
Currently still available in 50ml


SM-5416 Static Mixer 10-Pack
for our 50ml System

DM-50 Gun Only for 50ml Cartridges

(Adhesive Cartridge and Mixer Tip Not Included)

SM-0250 Static Mixer 5-Pack
for our 250ml System
Compatible with AE-2200-250
(works just like the orange mixer)

DM-250 Gun for 250ml Cartridges

(Adhesive Cartridge and Mixer Tip Not Included)

High thrust, heavy duty caulk gun for Aquabond 250ml cartridges.