The AquaBond System in 3 sizes
for big or small pool repair jobs

Mix and apply
only what you need,
only when you need it.
Fast, no mess, low waste!

The AquaBond® System consists of

  • A top-quality, hand-held dispensing gun
  • A resealable, multi-use cartridge of AquaBond professional adhesive or sealant
  • A static mixer tip that automatically mixes the two-part adhesive or sealant, then dispenses a perfectly mixed, bubble-free product.

Begin with a starter kit, then just buy additional cartridges and more mixer tips when you need them.

DMK-2100 Non-Sag Concrete Repair Starter Kit - 50ml

The AquaBond system is available in 3 sizes: 50ml, 250ml and 400ml.

Any AquaBond 50ml cartridge can be used in the 50ml gun.
Any AquaBond 400ml cartridge can be used in the 400ml gun.
Any AquaBond 250ml cartridge as well as standard caulk-size cartridges can be used in the high-thrust, heavy duty 250ml gun.


DM-50 Manual Dispensing Gun for 50ml cart

AquaBond 50ml System for small, quick jobs

DM-400 Heavy Duty Manual Dispensing Gun for 400ml Cartridges

AquaBond 400ml System for big jobs.

DM-250 High Thrust Manual Dispensing Gun for 250ml Cartridge

Aquabond 250ml System – Heavy duty, caulk gun can be used with standard caulk-size cartridges.

Benefits of the AquaBond System

  • No more messy hand mixing and transferring
  • No more improper ratios or mixing errors
  • Provides precise adhesive placement
  • Saves money – virtually eliminates waste
  • Eliminates employee contact with resins
  • Slashes cleanup time
  • No hazardous waste – used mixers and cartridges go into regular trash