Calculate My Needs

Click the link below to download our Excel “Calculator” sheet, to help you determine how much Aquabond product you will need for your particular application.  Instructions are below the link.

Click the image above or the link below to download the Excel Calculator Sheet.
Click to get Aquabond Calculator (Excel sheet)

Instructions:  This form is designed to help you determine the amount of product needed to complete your application.

  1. First determine if you are filling a crack, applying over and entire surface or square, going around conduit or filling a junction box.  Proceed to the appropriate formula.
  2. Now simply enter the dimensions of your junction box, square, crack or conduit in the yellow square.  Enter these in increments of inches.
  3. The green square will automatically calculate the total number of milliliters, this is just your information.
  4. The blue square will automatically calculate the total number of cartridges in either 50, 250 or 400ml that your need to purchase for your job.
  5. Note:  In the case of the case of the RC-7000-350, the blue square will let you know how many 350ml burst packs you need to purchase for your job.

Please note that all products are not sold in 250ml or 400ml.  Please refer to each specific product to determine how they are sold.