Aqua3Crete Underwater Surface Restorer

Aqua3Crete by AquaBond® is a revolutionary new product designed to restore and refinish the surface texture of swimming pool plaster and Gunite. Repaired cracks and worn spots can be coated with Aqua3Crete and reasonably restored close to the original texture.

Inexpensive, incredibly effective and easy to use, Aqua3Crete can be applied in wet or dry conditions or even underwater. THERE'S NO NEED TO DRAIN THE POOL!


Key Features: 

  • Can simulate plaster, concrete or Gunite texture
  • Professional quality
  • Underwater epoxy mixes with our specially formulated aggregate to simulate traditional underwater, concrete pool surface texture.
  • No need to lower water level


  • Restore a plaster or Gunite-like finish over a repaired crack or worn spot
  • Restore the finish to chipped or lost plaster
  • Restore a non-skid texture
  • Can be used and applied above or under water

Swimming Pool Surface Restorer Kit

Kit Includes:
One set UW-5000-200 Underwater Repair Epoxy jars
One jar AC-3 Aqua3Crete Filler (Part C)
Four mixing sticks
Two putty knives
One multi-use spreader
12"x17" PE Film with Easy Application instructions