Concrete Crack Repair Staples

Your Solution for Repairing Cracks in Concrete Swimming Pools, Walls and Decks


AquaBond’s innovative solution for concrete crack repairs is designed to provide permanent stability and repair for structural cracks in concrete, gunite, and shotcrete swimming pools and pool decks.

Concrete Crack Repair Made Easy – AquaStitch SP-1238 Stress Proof Concrete Crack Repair Staples

The AquaStitch Stress Proof Staples solution incorporates specially-machined mechanical stitches that work in tandem with our exceptionally strong non-sag Anchoring Epoxy AE-2200-250, and a robust, expanding sleeve anchor. Installation is simple and easy, saving valuable time and costs compared to other repair methods. Yet, the AquaStitch provides a durable repair that can stand the test of time and wear. Learn more >>

Ultimate Strength Against Future Cracks – PTS-1238 Post Tension Concrete Crack Repair Staples

AquaBond’s Post Tension Stitch is engineered to not just staple a crack, but also reinforces and stabilizes the entire area around it. Crafted from an incredibly robust alloy, the PTS-1238 is adjustable in length and wrench-tensionable with its turnbuckle-action and cold-rolled threads. When stressed, these post tensioned steel tendons actually strengthen the concrete. Combined with AquaBond’s extra strong non-sag Anchoring Epoxy AE-2200-250, PTS-1238 provides incredible load transfer and unparalleled defense against potential movement. Learn more >>

Fast, Versatile, Affordable and Strong – S-Stitch Concrete Crack Repair Staples

AquaBond’s patent-pending S-Stitch Concrete Crack Repair Staples require minimal chipping and drilling, and they install in shallower channels compared to any other pool crack repair staples on the market. The shallower installation not only means faster installation but also reduced invasion and, as a result, fewer microcracks in your concrete, and longer lasting repair. S-stitch concrete crack repair staples can be applied on vertical, horizontal, diagonal and inner or outer curves/corners, steps, love seats, etc. Learn more >>

Concrete crack repair staples designed by engineers and proven to work in the field

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AquaBond’s Concrete Crack Repair Staples give you a long-lasting repair that is both mechanically AND structurally sound! Here’s what our customers say:

A solid long term repair

“I have repaired a lot of pool cracks in my day and I think the Aquastitch is the best method I’ve come across. A solid, long-term repair, in my opinion.”

Buddy B.
Indio, CA

Easy to install

“These Aquastitches were exactly as described and really easy to install. It was a great fix for the 8-foot crack.  I definitely recommend!”

Dave J.
Ocala, FL