Post-Tension Concrete Crack Repair Staples

STRENGTHENS the concrete while stabilizing the crack!


“I can’t believe how well made and strong this post-tension stitch is. Incredible, actually.”
Mikey, Tucson, AZ

The new AquaBond PTS-1238 Post Tension Stitch sets a new pinnacle in concrete crack and fracture repair. Going way beyond simply stapling a crack, the PTS-1238 strengthens the concrete permanently as well as structurally stabilizing the whole area around it.

Engineered and constructed of an amazingly strong alloy, the PTS-1238 also is adjustable in length and wrench-tensionable with its turnbuckle-action and cold-rolled threads. Cold Rolled threads are way stronger than typical cut threads because all of the steel is retained rather than being peeled away and discarded.


Cold Rolled threads are stronger than typical cut threads
PTS-1238 is adjustable in length and wrench-tensionable with its turnbuckle-action

When these post tensioned steel tendons are stressed, the concrete is squeezed, in other terms, the concrete is compacted which increases the compressive strength of the concrete and at the same time the steel tendons that are pulled increase the tensile strength. As a result, the overall strength of the concrete increases.

Strengthen the wall or deck around cracks in concrete, gunite and shotcrete swimming pools and pool decks.

You can place our post-tension stitches every 12 inches along the length of the fracture, or even combine them with our S-Stitch system or Stress Proof Stitches for the ultimate in strength against future growth of the crack or fracture.

Two Post-Tension Concrete Crack Repair Staples stabilizing a concrete crack

PTS-1238 Post-Tension Stitches provide incredible load transfer and resistance to future movement.

Our 2-Way System combines our unique, specially-machined Post-Tension Stitches with AquaBond’s non-sag Anchoring Epoxy AE-2200-250, a high-strength, two-part structural epoxy. The result? An amazing combination of strength and savings in both installation time and cost when compared to other repair methods for cracked concrete pools and decks.

Each stitch MUST BE COMPLETELY ENCAPSULATED in AE-2200-250 Anchoring Epoxy. (sold separately below) ADDITIONALLY, each hole must be injected with anchoring epoxy before inserting the legs of the stitch.

AE-2200-250 Anchoring & Concrete Repair Epoxy - 250ml

Product Features

  • Actually strengthens the concrete
  • Fast and simple installation – simply snug with a wrench
  • Simple turnbuckle action
  • No special tools required
  • Cold Rolled threads for incredible strength
  • Less critical hole location
  • Less grinding required
  • Engineer-designed and field-proven
  • Works on flat or outwardly curved surfaces
  • Inhibits cement pool cracks from expanding further
  • Performs better than any other swimming pool crack repair method
  • Guaranteed against manufacturer defects
  • Excellent technical support


PFK-377 Polyurethane Foam Crack Injection Kit for Leaking Concrete Swimming Pools is the perfect companion to our Post-Tension Stitch. When you use them together you have performed the ULTIMATE in concrete swimming pool crack repairs!

Concrete Stitching Post-Tensioning Design Guide ACI318


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