S-Stitch Concrete Crack Repair Staples

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Inexpensive and super strong, S-stitch concrete repair staples require far less chipping and drilling and installs in shallower channels than any other pool crack repair staples on the market!

AquaBond’s new, patent-pending S-Stitch Concrete Crack and Fracture Repair Staples for swimming pools and decks is far more versatile and faster to install than other concrete repair staple or stitch systems.  You’ll save tons of time by grinding shallower and narrower channels than old-style steel staples require – and shallower invasion reduces microcracking. You can even double up, or criss-cross S-Stitches for amazing resistance to future movement!

S-Stitch concrete repair staples are embedded into cracked concrete and encapsulated in anchoring epoxy. Spanning the crack or fracture, a series of them, installed per instructions, restores and even improves, the strength of the concrete.

Components of S-Stitch Concret Crack Repair Staples

Product Features

  • Revolutionary new S-shaped stitch system keyed into concrete
  • Lay-Flat “S” design can be installed in a very shallow channel – less invasive
  • Install as a hook or in lay-flat position – even criss-cross for incredible concrete stability
  • Inside and outside corner kits are available
  • Deeper grinding and drilling only required where anchors are located
  • AquaBond AE-2200-250 High Strength Anchoring Epoxy secures components permanently into the concrete
  • Can be installed with or without anchors. (anchors should be used when concrete is over 5″ thick)
  • Incredibly strong, 1144 stress proof, cold rolled steel stitches (see specifications)
  • S-Stitch’s components have a proprietary anti-corrosion coating, encased in anchoring epoxy when installed per instructions
  • Repairs vertical, horizontal, diagonal and inner or outer curves/corners, steps, love seats, etc.
  • Larger length and diameter S-Stitches available
  • Repairs structural cracks in any concrete surface
  • More versatile than any other system
  • Double modulus by stacking
  • Guaranteed 5-years against manufacturer defects
  • Patent Pending

No Concrete Repair Stitch System Is More Versatile Than S-Stitch!

Ways to install S-stitch concrete crack repair staples
AquaBond S-Stitch Concrete Crack Repair Staples Configurations


  • Be sure to fully encapsulate each stitch in AE-2200-250 Anchoring Epoxy.
  • Additional Anchoring Epoxy is often used, depending on the installer and the width and depth of the channel. The channel does not need to be filled with anchoring epoxy, however, more epoxy does increase the strength of the repair.
  • Hydraulic cement can be used to fill the channel before applying your finishing material.
  • After establishing your Adapter Plate positions for a configuration such as a corner repair, hold them in place by pre-gluing the adapter plates onto the S-Stitches with our fast-curing, SR-3000 Structural Repair Compound.


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S-Stitch 5 year warranty

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