Custom Formulated Adhesives

Our Team of highly experienced chemists and technicians will create custom adhesives to meet your exact needs. Whether you have a difficult product or process, our custom development lab specializes in custom formulations for any application.

We can control open time, set and full cure times. Maybe you need a liquid self-leveling adhesive that will flow, or maybe a non-sag material that will stay where you put it on vertical or overhead surfaces.

Would a specially colored product be better for your situation than generic gray or white?

Call us today and talk directly with one of our chemists. You'll be surprised at how easy it can be to customize the adhesives you need for your specific product or process.


Key Features: 

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Fast and excellent communications
  • Over 100 years of experience in custom formulation
  • Friendly, knowledgable chemists
  • Specialists in 2-component adhesives
  • No-waste, no-mess cartridge dispensing systems
  • Or order in larger bulk packaging.


  • Commercial or industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Electrical and electronics encapsulation
  • Maintenance and installation
  • Dry, wet or underwater — even outer space, we've done it all
  • Adhesives for wood, metals stainless, plastics, fiberglass, masonry
  • Anchoring things
  • Underwater repair
  • Permanent leak sealants
  • The list never ends, call today.