Anchoring & Concrete Repair Epoxies


AquaBond® professional-grade, anchoring and concrete repair epoxies for swimming pools, pool decks, spas, fountains and water features. Use for concrete repair and hundreds of other uses. Our “no-waste, no-mess” resealable cartridge system makes any job fast, clean and easy!


Our Anchoring & Concrete Repair Epoxy Product Features

  • Long-lasting, durable and high strength
  • Specially engineered formulation for anchoring things to concrete
  • Superior quality components
  • Bonds a wide range of materials including concrete, ceramic, phenolics, wood, metal, glass and plastic
  • Hardens in 30 minutes – Gray color – Paintable and sandable – Low odor
  • 100% reactive, 2-part epoxy – No solvents to evaporate
  • Excellent chemical resistance and environmental tolerance

Our Anchoring & Concrete Repair Epoxy Product Applications

  • Anchor bolts, screws, rebar, dowels and pins into concrete and masonry
  • Repair spalled and cracked concrete floors, swimming pool decks, cantilever decks and pavers
  • Repair pool decks, walkways and driveways in high traffic areas
  • Repair pool and spa coping
  • Bond bricks, stone and hardscape
  • Create custom-threaded mountings in concrete
  • Rapidly repair pool deck cracks prior to being coated

Choose between Self-leveling and Non-sag Epoxies

Self-leveling Epoxy for Horizontal Surfaces

CR-2000 (50ml)

AquaBond CR-2000 self-leveling epoxy dispenses as a thin liquid and easily self-levels, providing a flat, clean crack repair on horizontal surfaces such as pool decks and walkways.

Sidewalk Repair Before & After

Concrete repair – Before and After

Non-sag Epoxy for Vertical Surfaces

CR-2100 (50ml) & CRN-2100-250 (250ml)

This versatile, high-viscosity, non-sagging formula stays where you put it, making it ideal for everything from filling vertical cracks to attaching objects to walls.

non-sag repair epoxy for vertical surfaces

Anchoring Epoxy


Anchor threaded rod, bolts and rebar dowels into concrete with AquaBond AE-2200-250 non-sag Anchoring Epoxy.

  • Super strong, structural-quality anchoring epoxy
  • Use for repairing cracked concrete – vertical or horizontal
  • Withstands freeze-thaw
  • Low VOC
  • Moisture insensitive allowing installation and curing in damp environments
  • Standard working time: 20 minutes at 75°F
  • 2-Part adhesive in a single, caulk-style tube
  • Best when dispensed with with our high-thrust 26:1 ratio DM-250 caulking gun
  • Can be used with any heavy-duty caulk gun

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Anchoring a bolt into Concrete

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Begin with a complete Starter Kit, then purchase additional cartridges and static mixer tips as needed. Mix and apply only what you need, only when you need it! Fast, no mess, low waste. Buy now!

50ml Anchoring and Concrete Repair Epoxy Starter Kit and Multi-Use Cartridges

250ml Anchoring and Concrete Repair Epoxy Starter Kit and Multi-Use Cartridges

Ideal for larger projects.