Butyl Rubber Tape


AquaBond® Butyl Rubber Tape CS-6000 Conduit Sealer for swimming pools, spas and water features is a pliable, super-sticky, self-adhesive tape. Ideal for preventing or repairing pool light conduit leaks, sealing around inlets, pumps and rubber gaskets. It easily readjusts, can be removed if needed, and provides an immediate, long-lasting, watertight seal. CS-6000 must be applied when surfaces are dry.

Inexpensive, incredibly effective and easy to use, it remains flexible in both intense heat and freezing cold and resists breakdown in extreme temperature variations.

Butyl Rubber Tape Product Features

  • 15′ roll of 1/4″ wide black tape, 1/8″ thick
  • Comes on a quick-release paper backing. Ready to use – no tools required
  • Mold with your fingers to fit any shape you need
  • Readjusts easily during or after application
  • Can be removed if needed
  • Adheres to all metals, glass, plastics, concrete and porous surfaces
  • Provides an immediate, long-lasting, watertight seal
  • Top professional quality, low price
  • Can be used year round. Remains flexible from -40°F to 180°F
  • Must be applied when the surfaces are dry – cannot be applied underwater.

Butyl Rubber Tape Product Applications

  • Pack around light cords to seal leaky pool light conduits
  • Insert into the end of pool light conduits for a watertight, yet removable seal
  • Seal around inlets, pumps, and butyl rubber gaskets without having to remove fittings
  • Use in conjunction with other Aquabond Sealants and Adhesives for redundant protection
  • And because AquaBond Butyl Rubber Tape is moldable and adheres to a wide variety of surfaces, you’ll find dozens of uses for it around your shop and job site!

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