Waterproof Gap & Seam Filler


In the challenging environment of swimming pools and spas, where maintaining watertight integrity is crucial, waterproof gap & seam fillers emerges as the go-to solution. Aquabond’s Waterproof Permanent Seam and Gap Fillers for swimming pools and spas are superior, professional-grade sealants specially engineered to work like silicone caulk –  but with the added advantage of permanent flexibility! And our clear version stays clear.

Both ABC-9100-300 (Clear) and ABW-9000-300 (White) are high viscosity, non-sag, making them “stay put” even on vertical surfaces. They provide a permanent solution for glass and acrylic bonding and also bond to aluminum, wood, masonry, ceramics, plexiglass, fiberglass and vinyl – even under wet conditions. Works great on stainless steel too!

Our Waterproof Gap & Seam Filler Product Features

  • Gap and seam filler for swimming pools, spas and any place you would use waterproof silicone sealants.
  • Provides a waterproof, flexible, permanent repair
  • ABC-9100’s permanent clarity eliminates the need for color matching
  • May be applied at temperatures as low as 32 degrees F (the sealant should be at least room temperature)
  • Perfect for use on vertical, horizontal or sloping surfaces
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Contains UV inhibitors for above water applications
  • Skins over in under 5 minutes – Can be painted in just 24 hours
  • Packaged in a standard caulking-gun-sized tube (We highly recommend our DM-250 High Thrust Dispensing Gun for excellent results, but can be dispensed using any heavy-duty caulking gun)


Application Tip

Use a peeled potato as an applicator!

Dispense the sealer between the peeled potato and the crack or joint and run the potato along the joint line. By doing this you’ll achieve a perfectly smooth finish in a single pass!

Our Waterproof Gap & Seam Filler Product Applications

  • Use in wet or dry environments* including swimming pools, spas, shallow water on concrete and other trouble spots. The water level must be lowered. *This product WILL cure underwater but cannot be applied underwater because it will tend to float away as you dispense it. Can be applied to damp, wet or dry surfaces.
  • Use on glass and acrylic panels or glass blocks to make a non-structural, watertight seal
  • Use to seal stainless steel pools and pool gutters
  • Use between pool tile and bond beam trim as a permanently waterproof, flexible gap filler
  • Use to seal the gap between a concrete pool bottom and the vinyl liner or poly panels
  • Can be used as an expansion joint filler and sealer
  • Use for any DWV (drainage, waste or vent) application
  • Not for use in high-pressure applications
  • Since this is a solvent-based product, proper ventilation is required when applying
  • This product CANNOT be shipped Overnight, Next Day or 2nd Day.

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