Wet niche potting compound

AquaBond® Wet Niche Potting Compound encapsulates and waterproofs electrical connections in a swimming pool, fountain and spa lighting fixtures. UL listed, these wet niche pool light potting compounds meet National Electric Code requirements for potting wet niche 8 AWG grounding conductor terminations. Their unique aqua-blue color is easy to identify as a properly encapsulated connection and is preferred by electrical inspectors nationwide.

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The AquaBond® System consists of

  • A top-quality, hand-held dispensing gun
  • A resealable, multi-use cartridge of AquaBond professional adhesive or sealant
  • A static mixer tip that automatically mixes the two-part adhesive or sealant, then dispenses a perfectly mixed, bubble-free product.

Begin with the DMK-1000 starter kit, then purchase additional cartridges and static mixer tips as needed.

Mix and apply only what you need, only when you need it!

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DMK-1000 Wet Niche Potting Compound Starter Kit - 50ml

AquaBond Wet Niche Potting Compounds are 100% Compliant, UL Listed

Do it Right… Do it to code!

Did you know that silicone sealant is corrosive to copper? National Electrical Code Article 680 states that ”The termination of the 8 AWG equipment grounding conductor in the forming shell shall be covered with, or encapsulated in, a listed potting compound to protect the connection from the possible deteriorating effect of swimming pool water.”

AquaBond AB-1000 and ABP-1000 wet niche potting compounds protect against corrosion and the possible deteriorating effects of pool water – and allow the use of rigid nonmetallic conduit in the installation of wet-niche underwater lighting fixtures in swimming pools and spas. 

AB-1000 is a multi-use cartridge that can be used for 5 to 8 encapsulations.

ABP-1000 is a single-use pouch that can be used for 1 to 2 encapsulations.

Aquabond Wet Niche Potting Compound is compliant with National Electrical Code Article 680


Aquabond Wet Niche Potting Compounds are deca-BDE Free!


Many states have enacted laws that prohibit the use of any product that contains more than 0.1% deca-BDE. Our potting compounds, AB-1000 and ABP-1000, do not contain deca-BDE. AquaBond is compliant and meets with EPA, IARC Monographs, OSHA and National Toxicology Program standards.

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