Swimming Pool & Spa Tile Repair Products

Need to reattach or repair tiles in swimming pools or spas? The AquaBond products listed on this page provide superior pool tile repair results — and they’re all low waste and easy to use thanks to our special application system and resealable cartridges.

To Repair Pool Tiles When They’re Not Submerged:

SR-3000 Structural Repair Compound is an extremely strong, fast-setting, two-part acrylic adhesive — the “super glue” of the pool and spa industry. It hardens in 5 minutes, requires little surface preparation and is ideal for quickly and easily reattaching or replacing pool tiles on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

AquaFlex Underwater Sealant is a high-performance, two-part polyurethane resin that can be used above water as well as below. Available in clear or white, it provides a virtually invisible repair to cracked tile and eliminates the need for color matching. AquaFlex is algae and mildew resistant and won’t break down in sunlight or chlorine.

Underwater Repair Compound is a high-strength, super-versatile underwater glue that can be used for cracked tile repair above or below water. A two-part epoxy adhesive, it’s available in off-white or gray, delivers a clean finish and provides long-lasting results.

To Repair Cracked Pool Tiles While They’re Underwater:

AquaBond swimming pool tile repair products keep pool and spa tiles looking great

Why Did The Tile Damage Occur?     

Cracked or missing tiles in swimming pools and spas can indicate more than just an appearance problem. While tiles can fall off simply because of age or because poor adhesives were used to install them originally, they often break or pop off due to shifting ground or because leaks or cracks have developed behind the tile.

Before repairing, reattaching or replacing broken pool or spa tiles, it’s important to determine why the damage occurred in the first place. If there’s a serious underlying problem that needs to be addressed, repairing the tiles won’t fix it. You will want to use an appropriate AquaBond® product to correct the underlying issue first.

When you’re ready to do the tile repair, the AquaBond swimming pool tile repair products listed on this page will provide superior results. All are low waste and easy to use thanks to our special application system and resealable adhesive cartridges.