DMK-W8000 Aquaflex Underwater Sealant Kit – 50ml White

DMK-W8000 Aquaflex Underwater Sealant Kit – 50ml White



  • One DM-50 dispensing gun
  • One 50ml cartridge of AFW-8000 White
  • Five SM-5416 static mixers
  • Multi-radius spreader
  • PEF-01 12″x17″ Polyethylene application film
  • Easy photo-instructions for achieving a perfect adhesive application under water.

Begin with this 50ml starter kit, then purchase additional cartridges and static mixer tips as needed.

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  • No need to drain the pool - AquaFlex mixes, applies and cures underwater
  • White AFW-8000 is available in standard 50ml cartridges or large 400ml size
  • Clear AFC-8200 is available only in the 50ml size
  • Fast and easy to use, “spreads like butter!”
  • Super flexible - Can bend and stretch and still maintain its bond
  • Won’t break down in sunlight or chlorine underwater
  • Can also be applied above water (*To prevent discoloration when applied above water, overcoat with epoxy paint or a bond coat and plaster finish)
  • Seals dissimilar materials – sticks to everything from grout to plastic
  • A high-performance, two-part hybrid resin
  • "No- Waste, No-Mess" resealable, multi-use cartridge dispensing system
  • Apply using our patent-pending polyethylene film application process
See product details and applications on the Aquaflex underwater sealants page.

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