New S-Stitch Concrete Crack Repair Staple System

AquaStitch Technical Summary

NOTE: For a rigid, permanent, full-depth repair, all S-Stitches and accessory plates must be fully encapsulated in our AE-2200-250 Anchoring Epoxy.

To correct cracking of a beam or slab the American Concrete Institute (ACI 224.1R-07) outlines post-tensioning anchor stitching as desirable to strengthen the fractured area. As with any repair, the extent and cause must be identified and addressed.

The AquaStitch S-Stitch technique uses Stress Proof®, cold-rolled 1144 steel rods, anchored into solid concrete to bridge the crack and stabilizing force across the fracture.

The S-Stitch by AquaBond® concrete repair staples bridge the crack by extending into the unaffected, solid reinforced concrete. Future movement is prevented by embedding the 115,000 lb. tensile strength rod in high-strength anchoring epoxy along the length of the S-Stitch".

Other integral components of the S-Stitch system are two machined steel components — the "Stitch Adaptor Plate" and the "Stitch Bridge Adaptor."

The Stitch Adaptor Plate enables anchoring of the S-Stitches anywhere along a "run" and also serves to pin down, align and intersect S-Stitches in unlimited configurations to achieve the best repair of any cracked concrete as needed.

The Bridge Adapter lets you interlock a run of stitches and provides an integral terminal at which a continuation, corner or direction-change can be accomplished.

A hole in the Stitch Plate Adaptor accepts the custom expanding anchor stud. When the nut on the anchor is tightened, the anchor expands, locking the S-Stitch permanently into the concrete.

Once the S-Stitches are anchored into the structural sub-concrete with Anchoring Epoxy and Expanding Anchors, fewer loads are exerted on the weaker surface and are transferred into actual reinforced areas beneath.

AquaStitch Performance

Technical Specifications:

S-Stitch Installation and Materials Guide

Item: S-Stitch by AquaBond®

  • Description: Engineered structural system to stitch or staple fractures in reinforced concrete
  • Device: S-Stitch by AquaBond®
  • Installation Spacing: 1-foot, or as needed per engineer's specifications (can vary depending on crack severity)
  • S-Stitch Tensile Strength: 115,000 psi
  • Anchor: 2-1/4" x 5/8" custom, expanding sleeve type
  • S-Stitch dimensions: 1/4" thick. Available in four lengths: 6", 12", 18" and 24"
  • Hook Length: 1" +-
  • Bridge Length: 6" minimum, can be extended to longer repairs with longer S-Stitches and use of Bridge Adapter and Adapter Plates
  • Expanding Anchor Length: 2-1/4" overall.
  • Bridge Connector Material: Precision machined, case hardened 1018 steel
  • S-Stitch Material: 1144 StressProof®cold rolled steel
  • Channel for S-Stitches: 1/2" wide, and down 1/2" to 2" depth into the original concrete structure, as specified by a qualified engineer, or onsite field determination by a licensed contractor.
  • Corrosion Resistant: S-Stitch's components have a proprietary anti-corrosion coating, encased in anchoring epoxy when installed per instructions
  • Patent Pending

     • 4" Masonry Saw, Chaser Blade, Hammer Drill, 5/8" Masonry Drill Bit
     • 3/4" Socket Wrench, Caulking gun, Shop Vacuum



      StressProof®is a registered trademark of Niagara LaSalle Corporation