AquaBond Product Safety Data Sheets

The SDS for each of our products may be obtained by clicking the appropriate link below.

Wet Niche Potting Compound (multi-use cartridge) product page

  AB-1000 Part A
  AB-1000 Part B

Wet Niche Potting Compound (one-time use pouch) product page

  ABP-1000 Part A
  ABP-1000 Part B

Waterproof Gap and Seam Sealer  (304.6ml cartridge) product page


AquaFlex Underwater Sealant  (white) product page

  AFW-8000 Part A
  AFW-8000 Part B

AquaFLEX Underwater Sealant (clear) product page

  AFC-8200 Part A - Please call for SDS
  AFC-8200 Part B - Please call for SDS

Concrete Repair Compound (self-leveling) product page

  CR-2000 Part A
  CR-2000 Part B

Concrete Repair Compound (non-sag) product page

  CR-2100 Part A
  CR-2100 Part B


Anchoring Epoxy  product page

  AE-2200-250 Part A
  AE-2200-250 Part B

Polyurethane Foam Crack Injection Kit  product page

  SS-37 Part A & Part B

Reenterable Sealing Compound product page

  RC-7000 Part A
  RC-7000 Part B

Structural Repair Compound product page

  SR-3000 Part A
  SR-3000 Part B

SRX Structural Repair Compound  product page


Underwater Repair Compound (off-white) product page

  UW-5000 Part A
  UW-5000 Part B

Underwater Repair Compound (gray) product page

  UW-5200 Part A
  UW-5200 Part B