Spa Repair Products

Where is the Problem?  

AquaBond® has all the spa repair products professionals need to fix a wide variety of spa and hot tub leaks, cracks and other problems.

  • Is a structural issue causing water loss?
  • Is the spa shell leaking?
  • Is the seal around the light niche conduit compromised?
  • Are there loose tiles?
  • Are the inlet valves or jets leaking?
  • Are the handrails loose?
  • Can an underwater repair be made or does the spa need to be drained?

Once the problems are identified, selecting the right product for the job is the next step. While there’s no steadfast rule that one AquaBond product works better than another for a particular spa repair, you may find the following recommendations helpful:

AquaBond Spa Repair Solutions: 
These AquaBond Spa Repair Products can be Mixed, Applied and Cured Underwater:

AquaFlex Underwater Sealant can be used easily on any material and works extremely well as a sealant around skimmers, trim rings, valves and jets. It’s also the best solution for sealing cracks in fiberglass and acrylic materials.

Underwater Repair Compound is a super versatile underwater epoxy adhesive that bonds just about anything! A very durable product, it can be used to fix anything from spa coping, cracked tile, skimmers and cracked jets to main drains and hoses. No spa repair toolbox should be without this amazing, all-purpose “Wet or Dry” adhesive!

Butyl Rubber Tape creates a tight seal for light niche conduit so water cannot penetrate. It can also be removed for light cord replacement. It’s moldable, easy to work with, adheres to almost any material, and works just as easily on dry condition hot tub spa repairs as it does underwater.

If Emptying the Spa is Necessary, We Recommend the Following Product:

Structural Repair Compound is one of the strongest AquaBond products for fixing structural leaks. An acrylic adhesive, it’s equally effective for anchoring hand and grab rails. If the repair is occurring on a vertical surface, this product is also non-sag, making it easy to apply. It hardens in 5 minutes — providing you with a fast, effective spa repair solution.

Easy enough to be used on a small residential hot tub repair — and durable enough to be applied across a large water park — AquaBond spa repair products will exceed your expectations.