AquaBond Starter Kits


AquaBond® Starter Kits are a great way to get going with professional repairs around swimming pools, decks, spas or water features - or just about anywhere prof-grade adhesives and sealants are needed. Buy the complete starter kit, then add additional cartridges and static mixer tips as needed.

We offer starter Kits for all of our AquaBond® adhesives and sealants. Each one includes: one dispensing gun, one cartridge of your chosen product and either one or two static mixers. Depending on the product, kits are available in 50ml, 400ml, 250ml or 300ml sizes. Some products are available in both 50ml and 400ml kits.
Please use the links on this page to visit the product page of your choice. You will find the starter kits offered for that product there.

We also offer pre-filled Carry Cases - our ultimate starter kits. They contain multiple 50ml cartridges, a dispensing gun, twenty static mixer tips and, of course, a very high quality molded storage case.