AquaBond Disposable Static Mixers

AquaBond® low-cost, disposable Static Mixers thoroughly mix and apply AquaBond pool and spa adhesives, sealants and repair compounds.

Consisting of a series of alternating baffles within a plastic tube, static mixers eliminate the mess of hand-stirring while providing a thoroughly mixed, easy-to-apply adhesive. You can trim the tapered nozzle to adjust the bead size. Just toss into the trash when the job is finished. Fast, clean and easy!.

AquaBond Disposable Static Mixers

How AquaBond Static Mixers Work:

The two components of the AquaBond® adhesive, sealer or repair compound are repeatedly divided and recombined as they are forced through the static mixer, creating a complete and uniform mixture. Because the higher dispensing pressures of our applicator guns allow for the use of shorter static mixers, AquaBond mixer tips make it easier to place the mixed adhesive precisely where you want it.

Key Features:

  • High performance, low price
  • Neat and clean to work with. No mess.
  • Automatically and thoroughly mixes adhesive components
  • Produces a bubble-free mixture
  • Simple twist-lock mounting
  • Eliminates cross-contamination and helps
    avoid plugged cartridges
  • Allows for the mixing and dispensing of higher viscosity adhesives and sealants
  • Bead size can be adjusted by trimming the plastic static mixer nozzle
  • Disposable in regular trash after use


SM-7524 Static Mixers 
Dispensing Gun and Adhesive Cartridge not included



Mixes the two components of AquaBond adhesives  thoroughly and instantly, resulting in a perfect mixture every time.


SM-5416 Static Mixers
For ALL AquaBond® 50ml Systems 

Dispensing Gun and Adhesive Cartridge not included




SM-0824 Static Mixers
FOR Concrete Repair 400ml System

FOR Underwater Repair 400ml System
Dispensing Gun and Adhesive Cartridge not included