Structural Repair Compound

An acrylic adhesive for swimming pool and spa repairs that sets up in just 5 minutes!


When you need a fast and strong adhesive for repairs around swimming pools, spas or water features, AquaBond® SR-3000 Structural Repair Compound is what to reach for! Great for making emergency repairs, rapidly repairing swimming pool tiles — and much, much more!

This professional, two-part acrylic adhesive sets up in just 5 minutes and allows you to anchor, fasten or make structural repairs to just about anything around pools and spas.

Key Features: 

  • High Strength, non-sag, excellent adhesion
  • Fast-setting – sets up in 5 minutes
  • Bonds fiberglass, PVC, stainless steel, acrylics, aluminum and more!
  • No surface preparation required
  • Paintable and sandable
  • Moisture tolerant
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Solvent free
  • Non-hazardous – dispose in regular trash
  • No mess, easy-to-use applicator gun
  • Low waste, resealable, multi-use cartridges
  • With a squeeze of the trigger, the two adhesive components are automatically and thoroughly mixed through the static mixer tip and dispensed as a bubble-free adhesive
  • The bead size can be adjusted by trimming the mixer tip
  • New, Patent Pending application process


  • Repair pumps and pipes, pool filters and skimmers
  • Rapidly repair, re-attach or replace swimming pool tiles – ceramic, glass and mosaic
  • Repair water features
  • Fill and seal pool and spa divots and weepers
  • Repair vinyl liner pool steps
  • Secure pool cover anchors to pool decks
  • Affix signs
  • Anchor, fasten or make emergency structural repairs to almost anything around pools and spas!


repairs done with AquaBond SR-3000 pool repair adhesive

Begin with the complete starter kit shown below,
then purchase additional cartridges and
static mixer tips as needed.

DMK-3000 Starter Kit Includes:

One DM-50 dispensing gun
One 50ml cartridge of SR-3000
Five SM-5416 static mixers
Polyethylene application film

AquaBond DMK-3000 Structural Repair Kit for swimming pools and spas



SR-3000 50ml Multi-Use Cartridge

AquaBond SR-3000 acrylic pool repair adhesive



DM-50 Gun for 50ml Cartridges
(Adhesive Cartridge and Mixer Tip Not Included)




SM-5416 Static Mixers 10-Pack
for the AquaBond® 50ml system




Polyethylene Film 10-foot length

Contains one sheet, 10 feet (120″) x 17″
*Film comes to you as a “tube.” slice along seam and unfold to 120 inches x 17 inches. Cut pieces as needed for repairs.
Use with our new, Patent Pending PE Film Application Process.
Read about the process here