Swimming Pool Step Repair Products

What is the Problem?

  • Is the inground pool step gasket leaking?
  • Is the pool step cracked?
  • Is the step crack the result of a void?

A step gasket's flexibility becomes compromised over time in a chlorinated environment. The plasticizers can migrate from the vinyl liner or the gasket, making the material brittle and causing a crack to appear. And if the inground pool step has been leaking for a period of time, the fill material which was originally there to stabilize the step can wash away, creating a void and weakening the step area.

AquaBond® has the right products for any kind of inground swimming pool step repair. All are designed to provide a permanent flexible seal to stop water loss.

The best product for the job is determined by the extent of the problem. Many leaks and cracks can be fixed underwater without draining the pool. However, sometimes the best solution is obtained by lowering the water level below the repair area. For technical advice on choosing the best product(s) for your situation give us a call at 714-961-1420 Ext 1.


AquaBond Underwater Swimming Pool Step Repair Products:

These AquaBond products can be mixed, applied and cured underwater - without draining the pool!

Underwater Repair Adhesive is a super versatile two-part, hybrid epoxy. It’s our best underwater structural repair compound, delivering a clean finish and long-lasting results. It's a highly durable, cost-effective solution versus replacing a leaking step gasket in an inground pool.

AquaFlex Underwater Sealant can be used easily on almost any material and works extremely well as a sealant for step gasket or crack repair. Our patent-pending polyethylene film application process provides ease of application along with the added advantage of an additional layer of protection.

Apply These AquaBond Pool Step Repair Products to Dry Surfaces:

The following products must be applied dry

Polyurethane Foam Crack Injection Kit permanently repairs leaking cracks and voids in inground pool steps. It's used in conjunction with other AquaBond products. The white polyurethane foam in this low-pressure injection kit expands to 25 times its original volume. When cured, this permanent, waterproof resin maintains its volume and flexibility and is not subject to shrinkage, even through normal ground movement and thermal cycles.

Structural Repair Adhesive SRX  is an extremely strong, fast-setting, two-part acrylic adhesive with added flexibility. It provides the high structural adhesion to dissimilar substrates necessary for permanent inground pool step repair... adhering the rubberized gaskets, the vinyl liner and the acrylic pool step.  Our fastest curing product, it hardens in 5 minutes and requires little surface preparation.

Waterproof Permanent Gap & Seam Filler is a professional pool and spa sealant specially engineered to work like silicone caulk but with the added advantage of permanent flexibility! If the pool is drained below the step level, this is the most economical fix.

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