Underwater Repair Epoxy Adhesive for Swimming Pools & Spas

AquaBond® Underwater Repair Adhesives - UW-5000 (Off-White) and UW-5200 (Gray) - are professional, two-part hybrid epoxies designed to make long-lasting underwater repairs to swimming pools, spas, fountains and water features. Our best underwater structural repair compounds, they easily mix, apply and cure underwater. No need to drain the pool! And they're just as fabulous when used above water!

Key Features:

  • Sticks to just about anything, wet or dry!  A super-versatile underwater glue for pools and spas
  • Bonds a wide range of materials including ABS, PVC, flexible PVC, fiberglass, metal, glass, ceramic, fabric composites, wood, plastics and concrete
  • Repair light rings, skimmers, cracked jets, main drains, hoses and return lines, leaking fittings and pipes
  • Secure swimming pool hand rails and wall ladders
  • Repair pool and spa coping, cracked tiles and pool steps
  • Use in projects that involve connecting or securing tubing and plumbing
  • Securely bond PVC fittings to copper, galvanized or rusty pipes
  • Anchor rocks in water features
  • Repair irrigation and sprinkler systems
  • Hardens in 4 hours - Paintable and sandable
  • "No- waste, No-Mess" resealable, multi-use cartridge dispensing system
  • New, Patent-Pending polyethylene film application process

“I want to thank you for your help, advice and time on the phone with me. Your suggestion was perfect and the product worked!!! Thank you also for getting it to me so fast. You have made my day.”

— Laura McIntyre
McIntyre Properties LLC

AquaBond underwater repair adhesive no need to drain the pool

50ml Kits and Cartridges

Begin with a complete Underwater Repair Starter Kit , then purchase additional cartridges and static mixer tips as needed.


DMK-5000 (Off-White) Starter Kit Includes:

One DM-50 dispensing gun
One 50ml cartridge of UW-5000 (off-white)
Five SM-5416 static mixers
Polyethylene application film

UW-5000 50ml (Off-White) Multi-use cartridge

DMK-5200 (Gray) Starter Kit Includes:

One DM-50 dispensing gun
One 50ml cartridge of UW-5200 (gray)
Five SM-5416 static mixers
Polyethylene application film

UW-5200 50ml (Gray) Multi-use cartridge

DM-50 Gun for 50ml Cartridges

SM-5416 Static Mixer 10-Pack
for our 50ml System 

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Or Choose These 400ml Versions, Designed for Larger Jobs & Applications:

DMK-5000-400 (Off-white) Starter Kit Includes:

One DM-400 dispensing gun
One 400ml UW-5000-400 cartridge
Two SM-0824 static mixers

400ml is temporarily out of stock

UW-5000-400 (Off-white) Multi-use cartridge

UW-5000-400 comes with 2 static mixer tips

400ml is temporarily out of stock

SM-0824 Static Mixer 10-Pack
For our 400ml 

DM-400 Gun for 400ml Cartridges

(Adhesive Cartridge and Mixer Tip Not Included)

PEF-10 Polyethylene Film 10-Foot Length

Contains one sheet, 10 feet (120″) x 17″
* Sheet comes to you as a “tube.” Slice along seam and unfold to 120 inches x 17inches.  Cut into pieces as needed to make repairs.
Polyethylene Film Application Process