Wet Niche Potting Compound

Save up to 70% on Your Pool Light Potting Compound Costs!
Use AquaBond’s 100% Compliant, UL Listed Wet Niche Potting Compounds

AquaBond wet-niche pool light potting compounds meet all National Electrical Code requirements

AB-1000 Multi-use Cartridge
(Does 5 to 8 encapsulations)
ABP-1000 Single-use Pouch
(Does 1 to 2 encapsulations)

AquaBond® swimming pool light potting compounds encapsulate and waterproof electrical connections in swimming pool, fountain and spa lighting fixtures. UL listed, they meet National Electric Code requirements for potting wet niche 8 AWG grounding conductor terminations. Their unique aqua-blue color is easy to identify as a properly encapsulated connection and is preferred by electrical inspectors nationwide.

Both our AB-1000 and ABP-1000 wet niche potting compounds provide protection against corrosion and the possible deteriorating effects of pool water – and allow the use of rigid nonmetallic conduit in the installation of wet-niche underwater lighting fixtures in swimming pools and spas.

Do it Right… Do it to code!

Key Features:

  • Save up to 70% on wet niche potting compound costs!
  • Encapsulate 5 to 8 wet niche pool light bonding lugs with one resealable, 50ml cartridge or encapsulate 1 to 2 with our single-use pouch!
  • UL listed
  • Preferred by electrical inspectors nationwide
  • Aqua blue color for quick and easy identification of properly encapsulated pool light niches
  • A two-part flexible polyurethane resin
  • Superior quality
  • Contains NO deca-BDE
  • Won’t sag or drip
  • Working time 8 minutes
  • Can be submerged in 4 hours
  • Note: Must be applied in dry conditions

Multi-Use Cartridge System AB-1000
(encapsulates 5 to 8 lamps)

Begin with this complete AB-1000 starter kit,
then purchase additional cartridges and
static mixer tips as needed:

DMK-1000 Starter Kit Includes:

One DM-50 dispensing gun
One 50ml cartridge of AB-1000
Five SM-5416 static mixersAquaBond DMK-1000 multi-use pool light potting compound kit for encapsulating 5 to 8 pool lamps

AB-1000 50ml Multi-use cartridge

(Requires DM-50 gun and SM-5416 static mixer available below)

Our ABP-1000 Potting Compound
pouch is available elsewhere on this page.
(Each pouch does  1 - 2 wet niches)

 SAFE TO USE… We’re deca-BDE Free!
Many states have enacted laws that prohibit the use of any product that contains more than 0.1% deca-BDE. Our potting compound, AB-1000 and ABP-1000, does not contain deca-BDE and is UL listed. AquaBond is compliant and meets with EPA, IARC Monographs, OSHA and National Toxicology Program standards.

View our Listing at Underwriters Laboratories 

Single-Use Pouch ABP-1000
(encapsulates 1 to 2 lamps)

ABP-1000 Single-use Pouch

AquaBond ABP-1000 single-use pool light potting compound

DM-50 Gun Only 
(Adhesive Cartridge and Mixer Tip Not Included) 

SM-5416 Static Mixer 10-Pack 
for our 50ml System

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