UW-5000 Underwater Repair Compound 50ml-White

UW-5000 Underwater Repair Compound 50ml-White


Requires DM-50 gun and SM-5416 static mixer

Also available in 200ml jars (UW-5000-200) and 400ml cartridges (UW-5000-400)

Also available in gray color – UW-5200



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  • Specially formulated epoxy adhesive easily mixes, applies and cures underwater. No need to drain the pool! Use above water too!
  • Bonds a wide range of materials including PVC, metal, fiberglass, ceramic, vinyl, concrete and wood.
  • Repair light rings, skimmers, main drains and most other fixtures, both above ground and underwater.
  • Securely bond PVC fittings to copper, galvanized or existing pipes.
  • Use as a patching compound for cracked concrete, pavers and brick constructions.
  • New Patent Pending Easy Application Process with Aquabond PEF-01 polyethylene film (included in 50ml kits and available separately) provides a controlled application with an outstanding final surface.
  • Cures in 4 hours, whether exposed to air or submerged in water.
For product details and applications, please visit Underwater Repair Adhesives page.

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